Thank You

We have received your kind donation. Thank you so very much

We appreciate you for joining our great cause of saving lives.
Your donation will go a long way in reaching the vulnerable and transforming lives.
We hope to see you again sometime soon.

Putting those smiles on their faces

  • Thanks to our backers and supporters, Gatimu (left) underwent a 5-hour successful surgery, and we empowered the family!

    - Gatimu

  • Nanyu here, previously suffered a growth on her head. It was protruded and produced bad odour. You saved her life!

    - Nanyu

  • This pretty angel had a painful condition that made her unable to dispose of her waste in the normal way, but today she can smile!

    - Baby Esther

  • Zawadi (left) had a swollen leg with large wounds. His aged grandma could only watch in despair. You saved the situation!

    - Zawadi

  • Baby Jackline was born prematurely, and developed a growth on her face just days after birth. Together, we transformed her life!

    - Baby Jackline

  • Maureen (center) was diagnosed with cancer. Through our kind donors, Save a Life was able to help her mom with medical costs.

    - Maureen

  • Janet, a young girl who got badly burnt on hot cooking oil was nursing wounds at home with her desperate mom. We stepped in!

    - Baby Janet

  • Martha had 4 children and no place to call shelter. We partnered with Dr. Guru from Simba Cement and built her a house!

    - Martha Wanjiru

  • Save a Life handed Ksh. 120,000 to Mama Brian for her son, Brian's medical bill. Thank you so much for your donation!

    - Mama Brian

  • We continue to save lives. Thank you all for supporting Baba Caroline to cater for his medical bill. God bless you all.

    - Baba Caroline

  • Together, Save a Life helped Anastasia to offset her outstanding medical bill at The Karen Hospital. Thanks for your support!

    - Anastasia

  • We handed a cheque worth Ksh. 250,000 to Stephen Otieno. Otieno had suffered for the last 15 years with tropical ulcers.

    - Mr. Stephen Otieno