What we do

At Save a Life, we believe that every human deserves a chance.

Who we are

Save a Life. We are men and women, boys and girls, guardians, brothers and sisters – keepers driven by the will to see change, make change, and deliver help to whom the world has thrown away, shunned, and turned its back to.

We are people who sees the need in the society and want to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We are working with the youth from slums and with street children – bringing water to the thirsty, hope to the hopeless, and feeding the hungry. Save a Life Organization’s core focus is to empower the youth with the right industry skills and motivate them into greatness!

We stive to create positive change for underprivileged and vulnerable members of our society through community empowerment. Since our establishment, we have made a significant impact, touching the lives of over 100,000 individuals in diverse ways.

How we do it

Our organization is run by a passionate team of volunteers. We need your help.

Make A Donation

Since our inception, Save a Life has been supported mainly by donations from well-wishers. We need your donation to keep the organization running. It’s not how much you give, but how much love goes into the giving!


We could always use an extra hand. If you can, please join our team.

Spread the Word

Be vocal and spread our cause to your friends, family & on social media.


We often hold fundraisers, events, activities, walks and talks. Be present!


Partner with us in whatever capacity you can. Let’s do more!

Putting those smiles on their faces

  • Thanks to our backers and supporters, Gatimu (left) underwent a 5-hour successful surgery, and we empowered the family!

    - Gatimu

  • Nanyu here, previously suffered a growth on her head. It was protruded and produced bad odour. You saved her life!

    - Nanyu

  • This pretty angel had a painful condition that made her unable to dispose of her waste in the normal way, but today she can smile!

    - Baby Esther

  • Zawadi (left) had a swollen leg with large wounds. His aged grandma could only watch in despair. You saved the situation!

    - Zawadi

  • Baby Jackline was born prematurely, and developed a growth on her face just days after birth. Together, we transformed her life!

    - Baby Jackline

  • Maureen (center) was diagnosed with cancer. Through our kind donors, Save a Life was able to help her mom with medical costs.

    - Maureen

  • Janet, a young girl who got badly burnt on hot cooking oil was nursing wounds at home with her desperate mom. We stepped in!

    - Baby Janet

  • Martha had 4 children and no place to call shelter. We partnered with Dr. Guru from Simba Cement and built her a house!

    - Martha Wanjiru

  • Save a Life handed Ksh. 120,000 to Mama Brian for her son, Brian's medical bill. Thank you so much for your donation!

    - Mama Brian

  • We continue to save lives. Thank you all for supporting Baba Caroline to cater for his medical bill. God bless you all.

    - Baba Caroline

  • Together, Save a Life helped Anastasia to offset her outstanding medical bill at The Karen Hospital. Thanks for your support!

    - Anastasia

  • We handed a cheque worth Ksh. 250,000 to Stephen Otieno. Otieno had suffered for the last 15 years with tropical ulcers.

    - Mr. Stephen Otieno

Join the 1 heart club…

Become a Save a Life Champion™ by donating towards the organization or any active campaign. Join the life savers! Humanity needs YOU.