The young man from Njiru, Edwin Gatimu, is doing well. I am grateful to God for him.
Remember that he had a stomach problem that necessitated the usage of fistulas and colostomy bags. We discovered him on the verge of hopelessness. The mother tried everything she could to get her son medical attention but to no avail. We took him to the hospital, and his surgery was done.
Back then, we highlighted his tale. Due to his illness, he was unable to do anything for himself. Gatimu has recovered and is doing well. We praise God for his healing. Now I’m walking near him to help him achieve his goals and advance in his job. God has proven to be faithful.
We at Save a Life are happy and grateful that he was given the chance to live. God is faithful. Many thanks to everyone who helped this young man. May God abundantly bless you.

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