A Sweet Baby With A Dangerous Growth On Her Lower Chin

We bring a touching story of Baby Danielle from Busia County in Kenya. She is a sweet child among 13 children. Unfortunately, Danielle developed a large growth on her lower chin.

A biopsy already revealed that it’s NOT cancer, so a surgery would be all that will be needed to give back this child a normal life.

The mother, who is already overwhelmed with providing for her children, is unable to foot the medical bill associated with Danielle’s surgery/ medical treatment. That’s where we come in! We are raising funds to help facilitate for said treatment.

Danielle’s mom narrates that the poor child is not even able to eat anything due to the painful growth. This innocent angel needs our help, quickly! Please donate to save her life.

To support Danielle;
1. PayPal/ Credit & Debit Card: https://cutt.ly/SAL-GIVE (International)
2. Other Donation Methods: Donation Page (Both International & Local)
3. Mpesa Paybill Number: 600054 | Account: SAVE DANIELLE (Local)

Share the love! It keeps us going.

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