Indeed, it is a huge transformation. Barasa Juma from Uasin Ngishu is doing great. Barasa was suffering from kheloids around his neck.The keloids gave him sleepless nights. He lived in pain and used to take painkillers to relieve it. Due to a lack of funds, he was unable to get treatment. We took Barasa to the hospital where he had the surgery and the keloids were removed. We thank God he is responding well to treatment back at home. He is very grateful to everyone who supported him. May God bless you for your continued support. As we say, service to humanity is service to God. Let’s continue with the good work. God bless.

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  1. Hello, I have just gotten to know about you, My name Stephen phinehas ndivo from tassia estate NRB, I am knocking your door for help, In 2018 I suffered stroke and a spine disc bulge causing low back and sciatic nerve pains, 24/7 I was sent for endoscopic spinal dycectomy surgery and on stroke recovery I was advised to go to a occupational physiotherapy rehab clinic preferably Ayurvedic treatment but all these has not been possible due to the lack of funds, please help me as you have helped many people such as Mr Barasa… Steve

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