Diana Atulo, a from Soweto Kayole, is doing well. She had a hernia in her umbilical cord. We praise God for the new testimony that she underwent her surgery and no longer has a hernia. Her condition began when she was around eight years old. Her navel used to hurt, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The navel began to bulge and grow in size. They had no idea it was a hernia. It made Diana have low self-esteem. She’s only 12 years old, but she’s been through a lot since her illness began. She shut herself up inside the house to avoid being ridiculed because of her illness. Some claimed she was expecting a child.
We are grateful to God that Diana’s operation went well after such a long wait. Diana is no longer in danger and is recovering at the home. Her parents couldn’t hide their joy at the fact that their baby girl had improved.
She went to her clinic, where the doctor declared everything was fine. This is very amazing. Diana and her family can now smile again because her surgery went well. They are now crying happy tears. We are grateful to God and everyone who helped this young girl. May God reward you for your generosity. Thank you once again. Let us continue to serve God and humanity.

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