Hearts melting – Watch these back to back follow-ups from the past two months.

The message is gratitude and blessings to all of you kind people who answer the cries of the needy and helpless.

Our philosophy has been transforming lives, and you have helped us do just that. With your large hearts and acts empathy, you will truly never be forgotten by Amos, Nyongesa, Diana and Belinda. It’s the end of the tunnel for these beneficiaries, and they just can’t say thank you enough!

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Such stories encourage us to keep going, and we would love you to feel into the inspiration for humanity too – that’s why we put together this video for you.

Today, remember to be thankful for good health and a predictable life. Do not take your well-being, your family or your basic element of hope for granted.


You are a Save a Life Champion™

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Share the love! It keeps us going.

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