This lady suffers a painful skin condition which gets worse by the day. She direly needs our help.

Leah Mumbi is a middle-aged woman from Kimilili, Bungoma County, Kenya. Leah has large sores on her face due to an undiagnosed condition. She narrates that the illness began as just small rashes. The rashes were only appearing on her face, so she didn’t consider it to be serious at first.

The mother of 4 grabbed some off-the-shelf transdermal medicines and used them to apply on her skin, hoping the rashes would disappear. On the contrary, they only grew larger.

Desperate, panicked and scared, Leah decided to try a different remedy. Since she couldn’t afford specialist consultation, this time, she went for herbal medicines but to no success. The condition became much more dreadful, with the rashes opening up into sores.

Within a short time, other symptoms began to appear such as severe headaches and chest pains. She was forced to quit her daily casual work and nurse her injuries back at home. In her 10 sq. feet brick house, with dangerous cracks and a roof that doesn’t hold, she lay helpless.

Questions without answers led to stress, and she would soon develop stomach ulcers – soil in a pile of mud, making the situation even worse. Leah tells us that she now has continuous stomach upsets, and her joints feel like they’re being torched from the inside out. So bad that she can hardly turn in bed.

Food is a problem. Leah has nobody to fend for her. She eats at the mercy of neighbours and people of good-will. As if this is not enough, Leah has shed almost all of her teeth in an unusual way due to this illness. She can barely eat, which makes the ulcers more deadly.

Her 4 kids quit school due to a lack of school fees, some of them resorting to get married and others fleeing in search of jobs to try and help their sick mother. Immediate relatives cannot render Leah any help, as they too are going through their fair share of financial struggles. Both her parents passed on.

Leah’s typical day is lying helpless in her house, praying, hoping that someday someone will come and rescue her before it’s too late. Due to the sores, she cannot get outside in the sun or sit close to fire. She wraps up in some old tattered sheets to keep warm.

The society has ruled out that she was bewitched, and that she can only wait on her death. The very extreme of sadists laugh at her and speculate how she’s going to die. This is the present situation.

Now that we’re here, we want to appeal to people of good-will to join us in rescuing Leah. She’s had enough of pain and isolation. Please help us by donating any amount towards her treatment and welfare. Leah is a strong woman for sure, but she needs our help urgently.

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